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Scott Norris

SCOTT NORRISA graduate of Texas Tech University, Scott has accumulated over 25 years of experience in land entitlements and development of more than 16,000 acres in Texas. His role includes Project Design, Construction Management, and Budget Management for infrastructure and specialty projects. Joining Tomlin Investments in 2003, Scott’s insight and extensive knowledge of Special Finance Districts, development impact on cities and school districts, land acquisition, due diligence, special and market analysis and recommendations provided a regional view of access to public/private ventures that has enabled cost sharing for infrastructure projects.  Experience as a Designer, Senior Planner, Capital Projects manager for the cities of Lubbock, Plano, and Frisco enhanced his government relations capabilities and his perception and understanding of what it takes to put projects together. More than 20 communities have sought his consulting expertise for planning, design and project management services. Scott has extensive contacts in local governments in the North Texas area and has the unique ability to find solutions through negotiations and/or detailed problem solving while working with cities, counties and the state in all facets of setting up development. You can contact Scott at .